Traditional Original Duo
Liz Clarke UK/ T Jae Christian USA – Song: The Vanishing Breed

Traditional Original Male
Jeff Orson CAN – Song: Country Going On

Traditional Original Female
Vanessa Bourne AUS – Song: Broken Wedding Vows

Traditional Cover Male
Sammy Sadler USA – Song: Tell It Like It Is

Traditional Cover Female
Gina Jones USA – Song: Love Start Slippin

Traditional Cover Duo
Two Lucky Minds NL – Song: Look At Us

Modern Country Cover Band
MRP NL – Song: Callin Caroline

Modern Country Original Trio
Kentucky Music Mafia USA – Song: Didn’t even say goodbye

Modern Country Original Male
Gerry Guthrie IRL – Song: The Doghouse

Modern Country Original Female
Brooke Butler USA – Song: Ashes

Modern Country Cover Female
Michelle Murphy IRL – Song: Before I’m fool enough

Modern Country Cover Male
Wolfgang Hildebrandt GER – Song: The Running Kind

Modern Country Cover Duo
Lorraine McCauley IRL- Cliff Austin UK Song: We Believe in Happy –

Country Rock Original Duo
Destiny Band Oz AUS – Song: Hours in a Day

Country Rock Original Female
Payton Howie USA – Song: Break My Own Heart

Country Rock Original Male
Rob Georg GER – Song: Won For Y’all

Country Rock Cover Male
Daryn Wright USA – Song: The Jukebox Has a 45

Country Rock Cover Female
Carol Markstrom USA – Song: Long, Long Time

Country Pop Original Band
Zoee the Band USA – Song: This Thing

Country Pop Original Female
Amy Jo USA – Song: Mississippi Flood

Country Pop Original Male
Jason Passmore USA – Song: Best Man

Male Musician of the Year
Lightning Rod – USA
Darrel Wallace USA

Female Musician of the Year
Hannah Beer NZ
Pamela Hopkins – USA

Male Entertainer of the Year
Kelvin J Wood UK
Elvis Presley Jr.’s – USA
Alan Percy AUS

Female Entertainer of the Year
Claudette Robinson USA

The Golden Days Award Original or Cover Male
Jimmy Parker USA – Song: Woulda Shoulda Coulda
Kevin Fullen USA – Song: Denver

The Golden Days Award Original or Cover Female
Rita Faye Tanner USA – Song: Proud To Be A Farmer’s Daughter

Bluegrass Original Female
Deby Kelley USA – Song: Little Jimmy

Country Blues Original Male
Shaun Tobar UK – Song: Feelings

Country Blues Original Female
Taylor Marie Wagner USA – Song: Wish I Missed

Country Blues Cover Female
Ann Kristin Dordal NOR – Song: My old friend the Blues

Country Voice of the Year Duo
Destiny Band Oz AUS – Song: Hours in a Day

Country Voice of the Year Male
Joe Blake USA – Song: Troop 103

Country Voice of the Year Female
Joy Adams NZ – Song: When He Leaves You

Country Voice of the Year Female
HunTer Leite SA – Song: Won’t back down

Country Song of the Year Original Young Adult
Mikol Frachey I – Song: My Whole Life In A Memory

Country Song of the Year Original Female
Victoria Eman NL – Song: All Roads Lead To You

Country Song of the Year Original Male
Travis Pickering CAN – Song: Fallin

Country Song of the Year Original Duo
Gino and Heidi B – Song: Calamity Jane

Best Dutch Song & Voice
Gino and Heidi B – Song: Voor je gaat

Radio Station of the Year from the USA
Kayden Gordon – USA – The Kayden Gordon Show

Radio Station of the Year from Italy
Nik Pizzigoni – I – Whiskey and Cigarettes Show

Radio Station of the Year from Australia
Kerrigan La-Brooy – AUS – Gethsemane Radio

Radio Host of the Year Female
Kay Cook -Abbot UK – Orange Blossom Special

Radio Host of the Year Male
Günter Haas A – LCR Radio

Latin Music Original Female
Orsaya Herzinger -Snijders NL – Song: O mio

Latin Music Original Male
Alessandro Galas PY/GER – Song: Sigue luchando

Rock Original Male
Kevin Gullickson USA – Song: Don’t You Know

Rock Original Female
Adria Dinev BUL – Song: You Won’t Fool Me

Rock Original Duo
Studeo AUS – Song: Rain Down On Me

Rock Original Trio
Friends of Music GER – Song: I’am coming Home

Pop Original Duo
Amber Claire AUS & Michael Alexander – Song: Back In Love

Pop Original Young Adult
Heerraa MY – Song: Peter Pan

Pop Original Female
Dawn Rix USA – Song: Worlds Collide

Pop Original Male
James Reid UK – Song: Crashing Down

Americana Original Female
Kristyn Harris USA – Song: Place to Land

Americana Original Male
Tom Davis USA – Song: Long Distance

Americana Original Trio
Get Lucky GER – Song: The Rooster

Jazz Original Duo
The Frost Duo USA – Song: To Be with You

Jazz Original Male
Donny Richmond USA – Song: Just Like In The Movies

Jazz Original Female
Cynthia Thijs Coenraad NL – Song: There Were You Are

Video of the Year Female
Cynthia Thijs Coenraad NL – Video :Tell Me

Video of the Year Male
Augustin GER – Video: We open Up

Video of the Year Young Adult
Bailey Perrie AUS – Video: Friend For Life

Video of the Year Trio
Kentucky Music Mafia USA – Video: Crying In The Rain

Video of the Year Band
Western Girls – CH – Video: Ye Jacobites

Soul Original – Female
Heidi Tann USA – Song: Good Vibez

Soul Original – Male
Mr.Tyeskie USA – Song: Come Over

Country Cover Song of the Year Female
Donna Cunningham USA -Song: Don’t Make My Brown Eyes Blue

Country Cover Song of the Year Male
Billy Payne USA – Song: Fit To Be Tied

Country Cover Song of the Year Duo
Marian Filip & Anisia RO – Song: Crazy

Best of Country Ballades
Male Ashley Cook AUS – Song: The Sydney Jillaroo

Female Katrina Lynn USA – Song: Angels Don’t always have Wings

Most appreciated Female Artist
Carol Chaney AUS

Most appreciated Male Artist
Lloyd Back AUS

Most appreciated Duo
Two of a Kind NL

FoPo Hike Best Song Cover & Original
Two of a Kind – NL – Song: A Mother’s Love

Rock And Roll / Rockabilly Original Band
Gris – Gris A – Song: Poledance Sugar

Rock And Roll / Rockabilly Cover Female
Mary Gantley IRL – Song: Great Balls Of Fire

DF Language Best Voice Female
Roisin O’ Reilly IRL – Song: Buan Do Ré

Native American Style Original
Windwalker USA – Song: White Sky

Ballade all Genre Original – Female
Mariah McCarthy AUS – Song: Black White

Ballade all Genre Original – Male
David Arn – USA – Song: A Different Heart

Blues Original – Male
Randy C Moore USA – Song: Big Bertha

Blues Original – Female
Niecie USA – Song: Willow Tree

DF Language Best Song Male
Whysker GER Song: In der Ferne

DF Language Best Song Female
Sandra Pehrsson S & Revele USA Song: First rose of spring

Expert in Music
Christine & Jeremy Stork AUS
Daryn Wright USA
Lorraine McCauley IRL

Instrumental Musical Part Original
Alan Fox USA – Song: Snowflake

Male Photographer of the Year
Daniel Schilling AUS

Female Photographer of the Year
Ivonne Edelbauer-Ebersbach GER

All Round Talent – Video Acting
Linda Arrico-Centeno – USA

Best Female self – written song of the Year
Roberta Scime I Song: Happy New Year

Best cover song of the Year /different version/Duet
Lonnie Dale & Lorena Tague GER-USA Song: Loving you was Easier

Most Impressive song of the Year Female
Lori Hardman USA – Song: Angels Child

FPCM Award – Fair Play
JK Coltrain USA
Andrew Dean USA
Lonnie Spiker USA
AkoDaz NIG
Liv Verity B

German Cover Song Duo
Patrick Simons & Graham Bonney GER – Song: Ehrbares Mädchen

German Voice Male
Patrick Simons GER – Song: 24 Stunden

Lifetime Achievement
Graham Bonney GER

(2)Deutsch Pop/ Rock Original Male
Chriss Reiser GER – Song: Alles wird gut

Deutsch Pop/ Rock Original Female
Andrea Hager GER – Song: Kraft der Fantasie

Schlager Original Male
Robert Fartek A – Song: Weit war der Weg

Schlager Original Female
Denise Blum GER – Song: Kalte Wintertage

German Voice Female
Christa Fartek A – Song: Sehnsuchtsschmerz

German Voice Band
Franz Lippert Band GER – Song: Country Music mag ich gern

Best German Dialect Song
Noblewhite GER – Song: Wir Zwoa

Folk Original Band
Strings & Things IRL – Take the Time

Folk Original Male
Thomas Libreri AUS – I’ll be with You

Young Adult Folk Original Female
Emily Adams USA – Song: Ray

Folk Original Female
Larissa Tormey IRL – Song: Crowded Places

Folk Cover Female
Anja Winter NL – Song: Like the day

Easy Listening Cover Female
Monique Sherrell Brown USA-Song: Go Back To Your Used To

Easy Listening Original Male
Nate DiRuzza USA – Song: I and You

Easy Listening Original Female
Taria Jaybre USA – Song: My God Is Real

Pop-Rock Cover Female
Alena Rae USA – Song: The Look

Pop-Rock Cover Male
Denzell van Spanje NL – Song: Half A Man

Pop-Rock Cover Duo
Denzell van Spanje& Victoria Eman NL – Song: Angels

R & B Original – Male
Mr. Chenier USA – Grown Man Ish

R & B Original – Female
Lay’na Michelle USA – Song: I Want 2 Know

Country Pop Cover Female
Anna McRose NL – Song: Home to Louisiana

Humanity Award
Dr. med. Afshin Radmard GER

Outstanding achievements towards his patients and the ethics
Honoring – Thank you!

Radiation Team Nordhorn

Humanity Award
Anna McRose NL – Song: Als Bijstand Jouw Lot Is

Song of the Year All Genre Original Band
The Rusty Wright Band USA – Song: No Man Is An Island

Song of the Year All Genre Original Male
Richard Lynch USA – Song: Glad Our Bridge Has Burned
Mark Blomsteel – NL – Song: Show Me What You Got

Song of the Year All Genre Original Young Adult Female
Caitlin Mae UK – Li’l Black Dress

Song of the Year All Genre Original Female
Angie Flare NL – Song: Exit to LA

Extraordinary Musical Voice
Mary Culloty O’Sullivan IRL – Song: Stargazing

Reggae Original Male
Dee Rock USA – Song: Silver in the Sunlight

Reggae Original Band
Sheila and the Caddo Kats USA – Song: Home Grown

Cover Song All Genre Duo
Muriel O’Connor & Fran Curry IRL – Song: This Old House

Cover Song All Genre Female
C.C.Tennissen – THA – Song: Rolling Home
Cina Samuelson S – Song: Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground

Cover Song All Genre Male
Denzell van Spanje NL – Song: Half A Man

Best Voice All Genre Female
Tracy Shy USA – Song: Black White
Jen Ash – FR – Song: No Lover – Lover

Best Voice All Genre Male
Denzell van Spanje NL – Song: Half A Man

Newcomer of the Year
Denzell van Spanje NL

Best Voice All Genre Duo Male
Lorenzo Gabanizza I & Jeff Christie Song:I guess I am the only one

Best Voice All Genre Duo Female
Vanessa & Victoria Eman NL – Song: All The Lies

Collaboration in Music Original
Allan Caswell & Lindsay Waddington AUS – Song:

Swing Original Song & Voice
Esther Filly GER – Song: Lass mich sein

Gospel/Christian Cover – Male
Gentry Brown USA – Song: Clean

Gospel/Christian Cover – Female
Rachel Jillett – AUS – Song: Each Step I Take

Wedding Love Songs Original & Cover
Chase Stevens CAN – Song: I’m The One Who’s Loving You

Gospel/Christian Original Male
See Your Shadow USA – Song: I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello

Gospel-Christian Original Female
Amy McAllister USA – Song: God Dreams for Me

Christmas Cover Female
Stefanie Black GER – Song: Oh Holy Night

Christmas Cover Female
Miss Freddye – USA – Song: Hey Santa

Christmas Cover Male
Arno uit Ochten NL – Song: All I want for Christmas

Christmas Original Young Adult – Male
Aaron Asbury NL – Song: A Christmas to Remember

Christmas Original Male
Dan Washburn CAN – Song: Christmas in the Country
Christmas Original Female
SB Mackhigh Stanton CAN – Song: Santa Can’t Dance

Christmas Original Trio
Change of Key NL – Song: Footprints in the Snow

Christmas Original Band
308 Ghost Train USA – Song: Santa Bought A Yacht

Brave Heart Award
Arno uit Ochten NL – Song: Nu zijn de boeren weer de lul

Best Producer Female
Shaza Leigh AUS

Best Producer Male
Robert A. Steiner GER

Best Film Music Original
Wolfsheart A – Song: Snow Falling In Silence

Best Filmmaker Female
Manuela Schneider GER

Best Filmmaker Male
Robert A. Steiner GER

Upcoming Star – Female
Taydem Shoesmith – USA

Junior Best Song
Xondra La-Brooy – AUS – Butterfly

Best Songwriter Junior
Xondra La-Brooy – AUS

Shining Star Duo
Lan Law USA

Shining Star Female
Hayley Verrall CAN
Yara Beeks NL

Shining Star Male
Dion Eman NL

Composer of the Year
Alexander Nicolas USA

Most extraordinary Lead Guitar
Shredder Pinstripe USA

Most appriciated Bass Player
Walter Kern GER

Songwriter of the Year Male
AKoustic Soul IND

Songwriter of the Year Male
Paul Jupe – UK

Songwriter of the Year Female
Sandee Facy – AUS

Songwriter of the Year Female
Connie Cassell Tuck – USA

Songwriter of the Year Female
Anne Biddie UK

Record Company of the Year
Kross Kut Records – AUS

Management Company of the Year

Make Up Artist/Stylist
Petra Rittmeyer GER

Tribute Artist of the Year
Paul Anthony CAN

Most Impressive song of the Year Male
Paul Anthony CAN – Song: Hurt

Promotion Company of the Year Hobby
Big Dawg Music /Tim Slagle USA

Promotion Company of the Year Professional
Deubel Künstlervermittlung – Uwe Bernert GER

Best Artist Agency
KS – Klaus Stracke GER

Most appreciated trustable Company
SGU – Phyllis Salter Gann USA

FPCM Award – Fair Play
Sean Poole – USA
Bobby McJones EAF
Julez Liberty GER

Best Sound Engineer
Marco Hemelrijk NL

Best Dress Male
Alessandro Galas GER

Best Dress Female
Emily Adams USA