Rock Original Band-Trio-Duo

Annie Minogue Band USA – Real Close Up

Black Whiskey Band AUS – Whiskey & Rock N’ Roll

Blackwood Mojo Band USA – Love Is

Col Finley AUS – Featuring Nellie – Something To Talk About

Firkin HU – All Is Well

Faith By Fire USA – Tribulation Blues

Ludlow Creek USA – Last Call

Moran Magal IS / GER – Always Something

Renzita CAN – Bad /Bad You

Rob Petitti Band USA – Misunderstood

Sheila and the Caddo Kats USA – Into The Light

Sourmash USA – Country Girl

Studeo AUS – In The Nick Of Time

The Cranberry Merchants AUS – Disturbing the Peace

The Tone Travelers Band USA – Running Out

Rock Original Male

Alan Fox USA – High Price

Brian Doucette CAN – Light It Up

Cory M. Coons CAN – Another Lonely Heart

David Michael USA – About To Go Down

Dennis Di Chiaro USA – She Feels The Same

Fabio Canu I – One Way Road

Gaby Jogeix E – Aint From Around

Harmony Dreamers USA – Summertime Memory

Harry Kappen NL – Wargames

Jim Kahr USA – With Somebody

JJ McGuigan USA – Disconnected

John Vento USA – Brick By Brick

Keith Brooks USA – It Must Be Love

Kelvin Wood UK – Ride The Fire

Kenny Holliday USA – Love My Ride

Lorenzo Gabanizza I – Who am I

Luke Spain CAN – Goodbye

Neil Sponsel USA – Who I Am Now

Pete Price USA – Common Ground

Ricky Davis USA – Wrapped Around

Robert Fantel USA – Party

Rollin Jewett USA – Meteor

Scott Thibeault USA – The love In Me

Sobak USA – Like Heaven’s Wings

Sun King Rising USA – Beneath The Southern Sun

Rock Original Female

Bailey Perrie AUS – Underdog

Bernice Marsala USA – Burgundy

BrandiWyne USA – Never Enough

Faith By Fire USA – Onward Christian Soldiers

HunTer Leite ZAF – Magic

Lady Miranda USA – Unspoken

Lisa Marie Nicole USA – Stained Glass Window of my Soul

Ollee Owens CAN – Edge Of Goodbye

Renita Zintel CAN – Inside So Beautiful

Sophie Hanson S – So Long

Rosalie Hovencamp USA – Intervene

Samantha Grimes USA – Cherry

SB Mackhigh Stanton CAN – Never Been Lucky in Love

Pop Original Band-Trio-Duo

Dawn Rix USA – Dimitris Nezis GR – All That Matters

HerzKarussel GER – Mr. Wednesday Lover

Faith By Fire USA – Me and My House

Friends of Music GER – Confusion

Love Power The Band USA – Love Is Where You Are

Lorenzo Gabanizza I – Jeff Christie – I don’t want to live without

Lyn Sey Duo USA – Stars Fall Down

Mydy CZ – Skeleton Dance

Rob Petitti Band USA – Pictures of you

Scotty Hollywood Band USA – Killing Time

Sector 5 GER – Somebody I Can Be

Sisters J USA – Breathe In

Studeo AUS – Don’t Let Go

The Cranberry Merchants AUS – Forbidden

Pop Original Female

Alex Krawczyk CAN – Above Water

Ameri Shaye USA – From-The-Outside

Amy McAllister USA – I’m That Girl

Anna Watkins Anawalt USA – I’m Free

Ashley Pater CAN – Inferno

Ashley Puckett USA – I Still Choose To Ride

Bailey Perrie AUS – Unpaid Therapist

Bernice Marsala USA – Lights Out

BrandiWyne USA – Return To Sender

Caroline Loberto CAN – Memories Of You

Cella Black USA – Peace

Charm USA – Love Only

Chelsea Rae USA – Lips Of A Liar

Cheryl Nye CAN – Take Me Through The Night

Chesney Claire USA – Dirty Lil Secret

Daffie Doc F – BB Amor

Dawn Rix USA – The Chosen One

Emily Adams USA – Down To The Top

Esther Filly GER – Colors Of My Soul

Hadley USA – Trust Issues

Hayley Verrall CAN – Stir Crazy

Heerraa MY – The Future Is Now

Jen Ash FR – My Ride or Die

Jennifer Alvarado USA – Trigger Warning

Kami Huff USA – No One

Kim Cameron USA – Come to My Rescue

Lady Miranda USA – Puppet

Lady Redneck USA – All Things

Larissa Tormey IRL – My Love Is Like A River

Linda Marks USA – Motherless Daughters, Fatherless Sons

Lisa Barrett USA – Somewhere Inside

Lisa Marie Nicole USA – What Would Jesus Do

Lisa Richard CAN – Holdin’ On

Lori Hardman USA – When You Come Home

Mary Gantley IRL – Didn’t I Tell You

Ollee Owens CAN – Raging Fire

Pam Ross USA – Good Thing

Revele USA – Hurt me Like You do

Sophie Hanson S – Brother

Sandee Facy AUS – The Ride

Sarah Harralson USA – Blackout Barbie

Taydem Shoesmith USA – Are You Clapping

Teresa Spain USA – As he walks the Mile

Tilly Grace CAN РSummertime Clich̩

Toni West UK – Eternity

Tracy Connolly IRL – The Man That I Adore

Windwalker USA – The Key

Xarii USA – Again

Pop Original Male

AKoustic Soul India – Survive

Alvaro GER – Make It Happen

Adam Bruno USA – Chance To Lose It All

Bill Abernathy USA – Hide Away

Brian Doucette CAN – Veteran Til The End

Chris Brandon GER – Come Together

Cory M. Coons CAN – Freedom Road

Dennis Di Chiaro USA – When You Land

Dimitris Nezis GR – Poison

Fish & Scale Ger – The Kid

Gary Gamble IRL – The Night Of The Mardi Gras

Gaby Jogeix E – Smile To The Clouds

Harmony Dreamers USA – I Come from Earth

Harry Kappen NL – Give me your sorrow

James Reid UK – Lying

Jay Blue Jay Jourden USA – We Need To Know

John Dorsch CAN – Dragonfly

Jon K.T USA – Shattered

Kelvin Wood UK – This Moment

Kevin Gullickson USA – Cast Out Your Light

Lorenzo Gabanizza I – Back home again

Luke Spain CAN – Puppet Boy

Nez Tha Villain USA – Million Pieces

Orange Fred NL – Blue Cadillac

Pete Price USA – Diamonds in the Sky

Richard Alex S – Leaving

Rollin Jewett USA – Electricity

Sarantos USA / TUR – I Just Don’t Care

Trey Calloway USA – Worth A Shot

Wally Bartfay CAN – Ball And Chain

Wolfgang Hildebrandt GER – One World One Love

The exciting Battle in between – Pop-Rock and Ballades Cover

Bert & Friends NL / IND – She

Cliona Hagan & Simon Sheerin IRL – Islands In The Stream

Charmaine – Vanessa – Victoria Eman NL – Love Letter

Clearwater USA – Imagine

Dee Morrissey IRL -Alex Roe – Can You Feel The Love Tonight

Emily Adams USA – 10 Million Years

Friends of Music GER – Ghostrider in The Sky

Gio USA – Never Enough

HunTer Leite ZAF – A Real Fine Place

Michelle Leigh USA – A Conversation With Death

Sarah Harralson USA – Barney Esville – Time and River

Pop-Rock Cover Male & Female

Amy McAllister USA – Ready to Fly

Arno uit Ochten NL – Don’t Waste My Time

BrandiWyne USA – At Last

Esther Filly GER – Slave to the Rhythm

HunTer Leite ZAF – Always On My Mind

James Reid UK – When We Were Young

Johnny Ray Norris USA / GER – My Maria

Lady Redneck USA – Last Christmas

Mark Blomsteel NL/ USA – She’s So Mean

Michelle Leigh USA – I’m On Fire

Teagan Littlechief CAN – ShangriLa

Victoria Eman NL – Just an Illusion

Ballade all Genre Original Female

Charm USA – The Power of Love

Helena Mace USA – Midnight Adagio

Holly Deihl USA – Moon and Back

Jennifer Alvarado USA – All I Want Is My Heart Back

Larissa Tormey IRL – Grace of Love

Revele USA – Hero

Rose Angelica USA – The Wish

Ballade all Genre Original Male

Augustin GER – Time Has Come

Bert & Friends NL / IND – Listening to Elvis

Bill Abernathy USA – More

Dan Washburn CAN – The God Part

Jason Passmore USA – These Colors Don’t Run

Kelvin J. Wood UK – No-one Like Elvis

Kevin Palmer USA – Freight Train

Mark Blomsteel NL/ USA – Someone Somewhere Tonight

Orange Fred NL – Bridget

Richard Alex S – Everyone’s dancing

Sourmash USA – Forever In Your Eyes