Americana Original Female

Ann Kristin Dordal NOR – Good Girl Sin

Aspen Black USA – Where Cowboys Ride

B.B. Cole A – Wear Your Crown

Bernice Marsala USA – Free of You

Brooke Butler USA – Ashes

Carol Markstrom USA – Rollin’ In Time

Caroline Loberto CAN – Feel It

Deby Kelley USA – Out Home On The Range

Hadley USA – My Rules

Kristyn Harris USA – The Mule Song

Mary Hoey IRL – What about you

Michelle Storm USA – Nothing More

Pam Ross USA – You Don’t Know My Name

Patty Clayton USA – Red Buffalo

Randie O’Neil USA – Sidewalks

Revele USA – Where the Weeping Willow Grow

Samantha Grimes USA – Wendy Darling

Sheila Clark Fox USA – Sugar High

Americana Original Male

Bill Abernathy USA – Hide Away

Bill Weed USA – 14 Days

Dan Washburn CAN – This Old Barn

Darrell Wallace USA – It Is What It Is

DobBroMan GER – Got All The Luck

Gary Matheny USA – Rosalee

Gary Pratt USA – Another Whiskey Sunday

Gram Nicholas Phillips UK – High Heels In A Rustbelt Town

Gaby Jogeix E – Take It Easy

Jeremy Parsons USA – Humanity

Joey Ferris USA – Save My Soul

John Dorsch CAN – Mexico

John McDonough USA – Give Me One More Day To Say Goodbye

John Vento USA – Doing The Best I Can

Keith Brooks USA – On The Brink

Luke Spain CAN – Tomorrow

Matthew Snare USA – I Forget

Montana USA – For what it’s worth

Medd & Shaw CAN – Forever

Ron Christopher USA – Drowning Man

Shaun Tobar UK – By The Phone

Tom Davis USA – The Game

Will Ardell CAN – Unrestrained

Jazz Original

Charu Suri India – Bluesy

Heidy Tann USA – Baby Come Back

Jay Blue Jay Jourden USA – Every Little Thing

Larry Van Fleet USA – Almost Like Being In Love -Teresa Spain USA

Medd & Shaw CAN – What Then

Sun Pinned Leaves UK – Prohibition Whiskey Blues

Taydem Shoesmith USA – This That

Soul Original Male & Female

Bert & Friends NL / IND -Change

Daffie Doc F – 2 B A Woman

Gaby Jogeix E – In The Other Life

James Reid UK – Happy

Jay Blue Jay Jourden USA – Don’t Do It

Lay’na Michelle USA – I’m Proud of You

Mc Kinley Moore USA – Still Worth It

Mydy CZ – Water

Niva the Soul Diva USA – Red Rose

Taria Jaybre USA- Just Want You to Know

Rock And Roll / Rockabilly Original

Arno uit Ochten NL – Gee whizz it’s you

Destiny Band Oz AUS – I Need Is You

Deby Kelley USA – Cowboy Rock & Roll

Gone Country GER – BBQ Song

Jay Blue Jay Jourden USA – No More Heartbreak

John Krondes USA – A Dream For Peace

Keith Brooks USA – My Pal Budro

Kerr Donnelly Band UK – I Just Forgot

Ron Christopher USA – That Rockabilly Thing

The King & Queen of Hearts USA – Rockabilly Queen

Native American Style Original

Dr. Dawn Karima USA – Panther Psalm

Upside of Maybe CAN – Rainmaker

Windwalker USA – Henna Maya

Wolfsheart A – The Last Mohican

Blues Original Male & Female

Alan Fox USA – Ain’t Nobody Owns The Blues

Annie Minogue USA – Sandbox

Claudette Robinson USA – On My Way

Donny Hammonds USA – Gone Baby Gone

Earnie Robinson USA – Strange Way

Gary Allegretto USA – No Place Like Home

Keith Brooks USA – Fond Memories

Karen Clarke NZ – Fine Line

Monique Sherrell Brown USA – I’ll Stay

Ollee Owens CAN – Through The Darkest Night

Rick Revel USA – Hardtimes In The Deep South

Samantha Grimes USA – Your Voice

Scotty Sky USA – Hotel Room Finished

Shaun Tobar UK – Happy and Blue

Shawn Adam Williams USA – Default Project

The Curse Of KK Hammond USA – Death Roll Blues

Upside of Maybe CAN – All Who Wander Are Not Lost

Swing Original

Andrew Dean – Build A Bridge

Carlos Washington USA – Party on Piedra Lumbre

Eric Diamond USA – All Of Me

Esther Filly  GER – All Together Now

Kristyn Harris USA – Musician Standard Time

Patty Clayton USA – Swingin_-On-A-Gate

The exciting battle in between – Blues Cover /Rock And Roll / Rockabilly Cover

Ann Kristin Dordal NOR – My Old Friend The Blues

Arno uit Ochten NL – I Should Be Hurting

Billy Payne USA – Undercover Agent

Cliff & Susan USA – Ain’t My Baby Grand

Debbie White USA – Nobody Loves Me Like The Blues

Donny Richmond USA – The All American Boy

Justin Standley AUS – Unchained Melody

Kay Cook-Abbott UK – Ashes by Now

Miss Freddye USA – John Blues Boyd – Luv Ya Baby

Miss Freddye USA – Wade in the Water

Muriel O’Connor & Fran Curry IRL – Lipstick On Your Collar

Folk Original Band-Trio-Duo

Ben & Carmen Steneker NL – Beautiful Meath

Dan Washburn CAN – Tomas Jackman IRL – Longing For Ireland

Destiny Band Oz AUS – Only Yesterday

Eleyet McConnell USA Duo – I Want You To Know

Firkin HU – One More Pint

Gary & Tina Gamble IRL – Times A Wastin

Gino & Heidi B – Love Song For You

Revele – Gio USA- Duo – Lullaby For the Prairie

Sun-Pinned Leaves UK – Monterey Bay

Susan & Gerard IRL – If You Ever Change Your Mind

The Púcas IRL – Christmas in Galway

The Tone Travelers Band USA – Level Best

Upside of Maybe CAN – The Shade

Folk Original Female

Alex Krawczyk CAN – A Song For You

Anna Watkins Anawalt USA – Look Up

Annette Joy IRL -Dublin 8 Girl

Aspen Black USA – Dreams and Lies and Love

B.B. Cole A – Some Kind of Religion

Bernice Marsala USA – What Happens Now

Carol Markstrom USA – Perfect

Emily Adams USA – What’s wrong with you

Gio USA – Tiny Steps

Heerraa MY – Note to Self

HunTer Leite ZAF – Be Brave

Kami Huff USA – 24/7

Larissa Tormey IRL – Addiction

Linda Marks USA – September Morn

Marie Norris USA – New To Old School

Mary Gantley IRL – Amien Street Number One

Mary Kathleen Burke IRL – My True Love

Randie O’Neil USA – Daddy’s Pride

Roberta Scimè I – Too Late

Sheila Clark Fox USA – – Granddaddy’s Farm  

The Curse Of KK Hammond USA – What’s The Weatherman

Tracy Connolly IRL – When I’m Alone

Folk Original Male

AKoustic Soul India – Home

Alan Fox USA – Sunday Kind Of Feeling

Darrell Wallace USA – Home

Dermot O Hara IRL – Past The Point Of Rescue

Doug Figgs USA – Running With the Wind

Eddie Gallagher IRL – Friendship

Eddy Mann USA – I Never Walk Alone

Frankie Mc Donald IRL – My Elvis Dream

Gary Gamble IRL – Destination Donegal

Harmony Dreamers USA – The Most Unheard of Thing

Harry Kappen NL – Mysterious life

John Dorsch CAN – Passage to Perth

John McDonough USA – The Place Where I Belong

Kevin Mahoney USA – Playing With Fire

Marian Filip RO – Raining

Matthew Snare USA – Floyd County Redneck

Mikey David USA – China White

Niall Hanley IRL – Human Race

Out of the Blue Band I – Grace O’Malley

P.J. Murrihy IRL – Follow Me to the Ceili O

Patsy McCaul IRL – This World Is Not My Home

Paul Jupe UK – Best Friend

Pete Miller USA – Hard To Find

Wally Bartfay CAN – Come Together

Will Ardell CAN – Beautiful Kind

Folk & Easy Listening Cover Female & Male

Alice Nelson USA – Tin Man

Carlos Washington USA – Dessert Skies

Donny Richmond USA – If I Only Had Time

Firkin HU – Lord Of The Dance

Johnny Ray Norris USA / GER – Old man

Kristyn Harris USA – Wildfire

Larry Van Fleet USA – Accustomed To Her Face

Patty Clayton USA – One Lone Man

Rick Stephenson CAN – My Way

Rollin Jewett USA – The Way You Look Tonight

Toni West UK – I Won’t Crumble With You If You Fall

Easy Listening Original Female

Alex Krawczyk CAN – Up Ahead

Ashley Puckett USA – Live Like You Love

Bailey Perrie AUS – We’re Gonna Be Alright

Carol Markstrom USA – I Now Understand

Cheryl Nye CAN – Eyes of A Stranger

Destiny Band Oz AUS – My Time Of Need

Helena Mace USA – Butterflies

HunTer Leite ZAF – Perfect Heart

Jane Marie UK – What Do You Do – feat. Jessica Mia

Lady Redneck USA – You First Loved Me

Linda Marks USA – Love Always Wins

Lori Hardman USA – Here We Go Again

Lynn Campbell IRL – Tell Me Why

Lay’na Michelle USA – A Dedication Say They Name

Mary Gantley IRL – Empty Chair

Mary Culloty O’Sullivan IRL – Winter

Mary Kathleen Burke IRL – Compared To You

Rachel Jillett AUS – Once He Used To Dance

Rosalie Hovencamp USA – Goodness Of God

Sophie Hanson S – Die at 29

Studeo AUS – You’re Safe With Me

The Tone Travelers Band USA – Velveteen

Toni West UK – The Other Half Of Me

Tracy Connolly IRL – Nothingness

Windwalker USA – Rebirth Through Wisdom

Easy Listening Original Male

AKoustic Soul India – Why

Carlos Washington USA – One Way to Swing

Dimitris Nezis GR – Wasting My Time

Doug Figgs USA – Dancing With Matilda

Eddy Mann USA – I Never Walk Alone

Gary Matheny USA – I Want To Be With You

James Reid UK – Come And Love Me

Jay Blue Jay Jourden USA – It’s All About We

John Dorsch CAN – You are the one

John McDonough USA – Your Love Sets Me Free

Lloyd Back AUS – Moments

Orange Fred NL – Feeling

Paul Jupe UK – Beautiful Day

Pete Price USA – James Mills – Before I Go

Ricky Davis USA – Home Alone

Scotty Hollywood Band USA – Moonshine Lake

Wally Bartfay CAN – You’re My Beautiful

R & B Original Female

Cella Black USA – Manifested You

Charm USA – Let Love Grow

Gio USA – Light up the Night

Jen Ash FR – Trouble

Lady Miranda USA – Game Of Love

Lay’na Michelle USA – Battle Scars

Sheila and the Caddo Kats USA – Tell Me You Love Me

Taria Jaybre USA- Couldn’t Turn and Walk Away

R & B Original Male

Arthur Jae USA – My Valentine

Berry Music Burrundi – Mercy

Colle’ Kharis GY – Life of Purpose

DPB – USA – Undefeated

Heistheartist USA – Mi Amor

James Reid UK – Silly Games

King Jesai USA – Only Fans

Larry Van Fleet USA – ‘Lil-bit-a-Sugar’

Mc Kinley Moore USA – Cigarettes And Coffee

Neil Sponsel USA – Ain’t No Alibi’s

The exciting battle in between – R & B Cover / Soul Cover / Swing Cover

Andrew Dean USA – Build A Bridge

Bert & Friends NL / IND – Love Man

Carlos Washington USA – Party on Piedra Lumbre

Donny Hammonds USA – Your Match

Doc Holiday USA – Wildflower

Eric Diamond USA – All Of Me

Gio USA – I Feel Good

Lay’na Michelle USA – A Change Gonna Come

Miss Freddye USA – Something to Believe In

Teresa Spain USA – I Can’t Go For That

Reggae Original

AkoDaz NIG – My Room

Berry Music Burrundi – Angelina

Colle’ Kharis GY – Johnny Don’t Cry

Harry Kappen NL – Wake me up


JoceLien ft. Shac – Diamond In The Rough

Larry Van Fleet USA – Johnny don’t you touch me

Sheila and the Caddo Kats USA – Tell Me You Love Me

Studeo AUS – Into The Twilight