Best Voice All Genre Band-Trio-Duo


Charmaine – Vanessa – Victoria Eman NL – Love Letter

Clearwater USA – To Make You Feel My Love

Black Whiskey Band AUS – Wild & Free

Blackwood Mojo Band USA – Trouble

Firkin HU – Still Alive

Friends of Music GER – Confusion

Judah First Band USA Trio – My Jesus

Gone Country GER – BBQ Song

Ludlow Creek USA – This Baby Boy

Moran Magal IS / GER – Always Something

Mydy CZ – Someone Better

Rob Petitti Band USA – Your Wall

Scotty Hollywood Band USA – The Places I’ve Been

Sector 5 GER – Somebody I Can Be

Sourmash USA – I Walk Alone

Sun King Rising USA – Evangeline In The Morning

The King & Queen of Hearts USA – Rockabilly Queen

The Tone Travelers Band USA – What It Takes

Tradstone IRL – Feliz Navidad


Arno uit Ochten NL – It won’t seem like christmas – Marcel uit Ochten NL

Ben & Carmen Steneker NL – Beautiful Meath

Chloe Winters & Matthew Crampsey IRL – Fairytale of New York

Cliff & Susan USA – Ain’t My Baby Grand

Cliona Hagan & Simon Sheerin IRL – Islands In The Stream

Col Finley AUS – Featuring Nellie – Something To Talk About

Daniel Blixa Reed UK – Christmas With You

Dawn Rix USA – Dimitris Nezis GR – All That Matters

Dee Morrissey IRL -Alex Roe – Can You Feel The Love Tonight

Destiny Band Oz AUS – O Holy Night

Don Joy & Melanie Lynn USA – Christmas in Dixie

Eleyet McConnell USA Duo – I Want You To Know

Gary & Tina Gamble IRL – Times A Wastin

Gino & Heidi B – The Devil And Me

Jane Marie UK – What Do You Do – Feat. Jessica Mia

JoceLien ft. Shac – Diamond In The Rough

Larry Van Fleet USA – Almost Like Being In Love -Teresa Spain USA

Lan Law USA – Mistletoe Memories

Medd & Shaw CAN – What Then

Muriel O’Connor & Fran Curry IRL – Lipstick On Your Collar

Out of the Blue Band I – Grace O’Malley

Revele – Gio USA- Duo – Lullaby For the Prairie

Sisters J USA – Clearly

Studeo AUS – You’re Safe With Me

Susan & Gerard IRL – Sweet Killala Bay

The Cranberry Merchants AUS – Walkabout

The Púcas IRL – Christmas in Galway

Upside of Maybe CAN – The Moment I Knew

Best Voice All Genre Female

Alex Krawczyk CAN – Calling My Angels

Ameri Shaye USA – From-The-Outside

Amy Jo USA – Five Minute Smoke Break

Amy McAllister USA – I Am Rich

Angie McConnell USA – Surrender

Anna Watkins Anawalt USA – Let Go

Anne Biddie IRL – Somewhere Down The Line We’ll Meet Again

Annette Joy IRL -Dublin 8 Girl

Annet Rumengan – You’re still on my mind

Annie Minogue USA – Sandbox

Ashley Pater CAN – Too Late

Ashley Puckett USA – I Will Remember You

Aspen Black USA – One Cowgirl

B.B. Cole A – Some Kind of Religion

Bailey Perrie AUS – Hannah

Bernice Marsala USA – What Happens Now

BrandiWyne USA – Never Enough

Brenda Best USA – Make Christmas Last Forever

Carol Markstrom USA – I Now Understand

Caroline Loberto CAN – Memories Of You

Cella Black USA – Peace

Charm USA – The Power of Love

Chelsea Rae USA – Break Up To Make Up

Cheryl Nye CAN – The Way I Need To Be Loved By You

Chesney Claire USA – Dirty Lil Secret

Claudette Robinson USA – Good Ole Bluz

Daffie Doc F – BB Amor

Dawn Rix USA – The Chosen One

Deby Kelley USA – Two Of The Lucky Ones

Dolly Dunn CAN – A Child Came

Eimear Furlong IRL – All I Want For Christmas Is You

Emily Adams USA – What’s wrong with you

Esther Filly GER – Freaky

Faith By Fire USA – Amazing Grace

Gio USA – I Feel Good

Hadley USA – Trust Issues

Hayley Verrall CAN – Side of Small Town

Heerraa MY – Note to Self

Heidy Tann USA – Baby Come Back

Helena Mace USA – When Those Stars Align

Holly Deihl USA – Walk Along

Jane Marie UK – What Do You Do – Feat. Jessica Mia

Jen Ash FR – No Lover /Lover

Jennifer Alvarado USA – Trigger Warning

Kami Huff USA – Never Met You

Kim Cameron USA – Come to My Rescue

Kristyn Harris USA – The Mule Song

Lady Miranda USA – Unspoken

Lady Redneck USA – Last Christmas

Larissa Tormey IRL – In The Glow of Winters Eve

Linda Marks USA – Sanctuary

HunTer Leite ZAF – Running To Wild

Lisa Richard CAN – News You Can Use

Lori Hardman USA – Here We Go Again

Lay’na Michelle USA – I’m Proud of You

Lorraine McCauley IRL – Slippin’ Away

Mary Gantley IRL – Amien Street Number One

Mary Culloty O’Sullivan IRL – Behold

Mary Kathleen Burke IRL – When You Don’t Call

Michelle Leigh USA – A Conversation With Death

Miss Freddye USA – Something to Believe In

Molly O’Connell IRL – Jingle Rock

Monique Sherrell Brown USA – I’ll Stay

Niva the Soul Diva USA – Red Rose

Ollee Owens CAN – Through The Darkest Night

Orsolya Herzinger-Snijders NL – Get around

Pam Ross USA – Two Shots of Tequila

Patty Clayton USA – Red Buffalo

Phoebe White USA – Boo Hoo Blues

Renita Zintel CAN – Misery Loves Company

Revele USA – Hero

Rosalie Hovencamp USA – Spread A Little Love

Ruth Manning CAN- Christmas In My Mind

Sophie Hanson S – So Long

Samantha Grimes USA – Wendy Darling

SB Mackhigh Stanton – The One 

Shaylyn Slaght CAN – Blue Christmas

Sheila Clark Fox USA – Sugar High

Sydney Celeste USA – In Spite Of Me

Taydem Shoesmith USA – Are You Clapping

Teagan Littlechief CAN – ShangriLa

Teresa Spain USA – As he walks the Mile

The Curse Of KK Hammond USA – What’s The Weatherman

Taria Jaybre USA- Just Want You to Know

Tilly Grace CAN – Summertime Cliché

Toni West UK – The Other Half Of Me

Tracy Connolly IRL – I Am Katie Taylor

Tracy Shy USA – You Love Me

Victoria Eman NL – Oceans

Xarii USA – Break My Heart

Best Voice All Genre Male

AkoDaz NIG – My Room

AKoustic Soul India – The Journeyman

Alan Fox USA – High Price

Adam Bruno USA – Misery

Allen Schubert USA – Precious Lord Lead Me Home

Alvaro GER – Make It Happen

Andrew Dean USA – Build A Bridge

Arthur Jae USA – My Valentine

Berry Music Burrundi – Angelina

Bert & Friends NL / IND – She

Bill Abernathy USA – Hide Away

Billy Payne USA – Undercover Agent

Bittah Dreamer USA – Breathe

Bobby McJones Kenia – I’m Gonna Hold On

Brian Doucette CAN – Happy Place

Ben Steneker NL – Why Me

Chris Brandon GER – Come Together

Colle’ Kharis GY – Life of Purpose

Corey Pearson USA – Christmas Is A State Of Heart

Cory M. Coons CAN – Burning Bright At Christmas Time

Darrell Wallace USA – It Is What It Is

David Michael USA – About To Go Down

Dee Rock USA – Keep On Keepin On

Dennis Di Chiaro USA – She Feels The Same

Dermot O Hara IRL – Past The Point Of Rescue

Dimitris Nezis GR – Wasting My Time

Donny Hammonds USA – Gone Baby Gone

Donny Richmond USA – The All American Boy

Doug Figgs USA – Dancing With Matilda

Earnie Robinson USA – Strange Way

Elvis Presley Jr. USA – Merry Christmas Mrs. Claus

Ethan Vincil USA – Santa Rode His Harley

Fabio Canu I – Baby Please Come Home

Fish & Scale Ger – You Can Call Me Love

Gary Gamble IRL – Winter Wonderland

Gentry Brown USA – The Question

Gerrie Guthrie IRL – Santa Looked a Lot Like Daddy

Graeme Hugo AUS – Look At Us

Gram Nicholas Phillips UK – Dust In the Road

Gaby Jogeix E – Smile To The Clouds

Harmony Dreamers USA – Summertime Memory

Harry Kappen NL – Birds

Heistheartist USA – I Believe In You and Me

James Kilbane IRL – O Holy Night

Jeff Coltrec USA – Heaven Sent Boy

James Reid UK – Happy

Jason Passmore USA – These Colors Don’t Run

Jay Blue Jay Jourden USA – Don’t Do It

JD Walker USA – Your Knees to the Floor

John Haugh IRL – The Best Christmas Of Them All

Justine Blazer USA – Wrap Me Up

Jim Huddleston USA – Outlaw

Jim Kahr USA – Big City Struggle

JJ McGuigan USA – Disconnected

Johnny Ray Norris USA / GER – Old Man

John Dorsch CAN – Save just One more Life

John Krondes USA – The End

John McDonough USA – Tonight’s The Night

John Vento USA – Doing The Best I Can

Justin Standley AUS – Unchained Melody

Keith Brooks USA – On The Brink

Kelvin Wood UK – De Martinez Alejos

Kenny Holliday USA – Winter Wonderland

Kerrigan La-Brooy AUS – When I Travel My Last Mile

Kevin Gullickson USA – Cast Out Your Light

Kevin Mahoney USA – Playing With Fire

Larry Van Fleet USA – Johnny don’t you touch me

Lloyd Back AUS – Three Words

Luke Spain CAN – Tomorrow

Lorenzo Gabanizza I – I’m a free man

Marian Filip RO – Raining

Mc Kinley Moore USA – Still Worth It

Neil Sponsel USA – Ain’t No Alibi’s

Nez Tha Villain USA – Million Pieces

Orange Fred NL – Feeling

P.J. Murrihy IRL – The Galway Waltz

Pete Price USA – Legacy of Love

Richard Alex S – Hate that I love you

Richard Lynch USA – Grandpa And Grandma

Rick Revel USA – Father Of The Blues

Rick Stephenson CAN – In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning

Ricky Davis USA – Home Alone

Rob George GER – When I Make It Home For Christma

Rollin Jewett USA – The Way You Look Tonight

Ron Christopher USA – That Rockabilly Thing

Rylee Lum USA – Drinking My Blues Away

Scotty Sky USA – Hotel Room Finished

Sobak USA – Like Heaven’s Wings

Tom Davis USA – Hoosier Highway

Trey Calloway USA – You Don’t Need A Woman

Tyler Joseph USA – Searching

Will Ardell CAN – Beautiful Kind

William George IRL – Scars In Heaven

Wolfe Milestone CAN – Winter Wonderland

Wolfgang Hildebrandt GER – One World One Love

Extraordinary Musical Voice Male

Alvaro GER – My Pain

Bert & Friends NL / IND – She

Danny Kensy USA – Beer Can

Daryn Wright USA – Becky Brown’s Daddy

Donny Richmond USA – Gospel-Jukebox

Eric Diamond USA – All Of Me

Gentry Brown USA – You and Me

Gundy Humphries IRL – It Belongs To Me

Jackson Truluck USA – Go

Jennifer Miller Alvarado USA – Colorado

Jeremy Parsons USA – Driftin

King Jesai USA – Only Fans

Levi Coby USA – Southern Girl

Lonnie Spiker USA – Behind the Clown

Rick Stephenson CAN – I’ve Got You Under My Skin

Extraordinary Musical Voice Female

Alex Krawczyk CAN – I Will Take You Home

Alyssa Ruffin USA – Love Triangle

Amy McAllister USA – Ready to Fly

Cliff & Susan USA – Ain’t My Baby Grand

Caroline Loberto CAN – Brick By Brick

Chelsea Rae USA – 25

Cheryl Nye CAN – I Surrender To My Heart

Claudette Robinson USA – Whole Lotta Nothing

Hadley USA – Good Guys

Jen Ash FR – Love

Jennifer Alvarado – Colorado

Larissa Tormey IRL – Perfect As I Am

Lisa Richard CAN – My Two Fathers

Lay’na Michelle USA – A Dedication Say They Name

Mary Culloty O’Sullivan IRL – You

Revele USA – Hero

Vanessa Bourne AUS – No One Holds A Candle To You

Extraordinary Musical Voice & Song

Aaron Dean CAN – Heaven Please Rewind

Anna Watkins Anawalt USA – From God’s Hand to Mine

Ashley Puckett USA – I Will Remember You

Bailey Perrie AUS – Unpaid Therapist

Chris Brandon GER – Smile – Smile – Smile

Cella Black USA – Peace

Charm USA – The Power of Love

Dan Washburn CAN – The God Part

Dee Rock USA – Time To Say Goodbye

Ferdy Bayaua CAN – Get Down

Gio USA – Light up the Night

Jason Passmore USA – Daddy’s Home

Jet Jurgensmeyer USA – Fast Forward

Kristyn Harris USA – Along the Navajo Trail

Lee Newton USA – Dale Houston – Born To Be Your Woman

Lynn Campbell IRL – Dan Washburn CAN – Romance Is Dead