Songwriter of the Year Female

Alex Krawczyk CAN – As A River Does

Alice Nelson USA – Flowers

Alyssa Ruffin USA – Pretty Boy Blues

Amy Jo USA – Swamp Water

Amy McAllister USA – I’m That Girl

Andrea Hager GER – No Heartbeat Here

Anna McRose NL – Something to believe in

Annie Saltzman Pin I- Grace O’Malley

Angie McConnell USA – Surrender

Ann Kristin Dordal NOR – Someone Else Is Gonna Get It

Anna Watkins Anawalt USA – Let Go

Anne Biddie IRL – Somewhere Down The Line We’ll Meet Again

Annette Joy IRL -Dublin 8 Girl

Ananda Xenia Shakti USA – Love Is Where You Are

Aspen Black USA – Where Cowboys Ride

B.B. Cole A – When I Was A Little Girl

Bailey Perrie AUS – Hannah

Bernice Marsala USA – Free of You

Brenda Best USA – Golden Years

Brooke Butler USA – Collateral Damage

Carol Markstrom USA – I Now Understand

Caroline Loberto CAN – The Curve

Caroline Parke USA – Bargain With the Future

Caroline Parke USA – Don’t Look Back

Caroline Parke USA – Memories and Guitar Picks

Caroline Parke USA – Needing To Be Free

Caroline Parke USA – Little Treasures

Cat Lion A – Im on my Cloud

Charm USA – Let Love Grow

Chelsea Rae USA – Break Up To Make Up

Cheryl Nye CAN – No Stranger To My Heart

Christa Fartek A – Heal my Heart again

Connie Cassell Tuck USA – Time to say goodbye

Danny Myler GER – Too Far Gone

Dianne Moore USA -Forbidden

Dawn Rix USA – The Chosen One

Debra Schultz USA – He’s My Healer

Dolly Dunn CAN – Where Did Our Country Music Go

Elke Brooks GER – Somebody’s Angel

Emily Adams USA – What’s Wrong With You

Esther Filly GER – Colors Of My Soul

Esther Konkara Kenia – I’ll Teach You To Be Great

Faith Julija DK – My Happy Place

Gina Jones USA – Someone To Love Me

Gio USA – Tiny Steps

Hadley USA – Woman of Steel

Hayley Verrall CAN – I Guess That’s Love

Heerraa MY – The Future Is Now

Heidi B – Mijn Allerbeste Vriend

Heidi Hauge NOR – Cafe del Rio

Helena Mace USA – Midnight Adagio

Holly Deihl USA – My Mother’s Voice

Holly Ashby USA – Out of the Blue

Joy Adams NZ – Stubborn Pride

Jane Marie UK – What Do You Do

Jennifer Alvarado USA – Songbird

Heidi B – Life Is A Beautiful Song

HunTer Leite ZAF – Be Brave

Karen Clarke NZ – Fine Line

Kathryn D. Adams USA – Blast From the Past

Kim Cameron USA – I Love You More

Kim Thompson CAN – Dear Dolly

Kimberly Smoak USA – Stand

Kimberly Ward USA – Every Moment

Lady Miranda USA – Puppet

Lisa Barrett USA – Blue Jeans

Lisa Marie Nicole USA – What Would Jesus Do

Lisa Richard CAN – Uniforms

Liz Clarke UK – If You Want It

Lady Redneck USA – All Things

Larissa Tormey IRL – Perfect As I Am

Lucy LeBlanc Can – The God Part

Lucy LeBlanc Can – This Glass Is Heavy

Lee Newton USA – Carolina

Linda Marks USA – Love Always Wins

Lynne Swaney USA – Stars Fall Down

Lynn Campbell IRL – Tell Me Why

Lay’na Michelle USA – I’m Proud of You

Lorraine McCauley IRL – Dear Lord, Lay Your Gentle Hands Down

Nina Flaaseth NOR – Where Did It Go

Ma Bell USA – America She’s Cryin – Bob McGilpin USA

Marie Norris USA – New To Old School

Mary Gantley IRL – Face The Sun

Mary Culloty O’Sullivan IRL – You

Mary Hoey IRL – What about you

Michelle Leigh USA – I Didn’t

Michelle Storm USA – Present Place

Manuela Schneider GER – This Old Barn

Moran Magal IS / GER – Black Swan

Orsolya Herzinger-Snijders NL – Eres Lo Que

Pamela Hopkins USA – Squirrel Train

Pamela Rooney USA – Country Ain’t Country Anymore

Rachel Jillett AUS – Once He Used To Dance

Renita Zintel CAN – Misery Loves Company

Robbie Harte CAN – Reason to Rise

Rosalie Hovencamp USA – Intervene

Revele USA – Mama Said So

Ruth Manning CAN- Angel Wings

Sandee Facy AUS – Overdrive

SB Mackhigh Stanton – Runaway Train

SB Mackhigh Stanton – Things You Can’t Take Back 

SB Mackhigh Stanton – The One

Sharon Marie White CAN – Stayed Awhile

Shaylyn Slaght CAN – The Drink

Sheila Clark Fox USA – Uncertain Texas

Taylor Marie Wagner USA – Visiting Hours

Tessa Libreri AUS – My Time Of Need

The Curse Of KK Hammond USA – In The Dirty South

Tilly Grace CAN – Summertime Cliché

Tina Patterson White USA – Don’t Worry About Me

Vanessa Bourne AUS – Give Me A Break

Songwriter of the Year Male

Aaron Dean CAN – Honey Bun

AKoustic Soul India – Home

Alan Fox USA – Would You

Andrew Dean USA – Build A Bridge

Arthur Jae USA – My Valentine

Albert Rumengan NL – Leave And Let You Go

Anthony Black USA – Without

Adam Bruno USA – Chance To Lose It All

Anthony Black USA – Gone Baby Gone

Anthony Black USA – Lock You Down

Anthony Black USA – Your Match

Anthony Black USA – Dirty Little Secret

Austin Adkins USA – My Next Ex

Bert Muskitta NL – Change

Bill Abernathy USA – It Is What It Is Until Its Not

Bill Weed USA – Door to Time

Bittah Dreamer USA – Breathe

Brendan Kelly USA – Brother

Brian Mckell Scotland – Different Light

Byron Lee Scott USA – The Most Unheard of Thing

Bob McGilpin USA – America She’s Cryin

Buddy Blake GER – I’ll go

CaptC USA – Crazy As Can Be

CaptC USA – No Lost Cause

Carlos Battey USA – Bail Money

Cory M. Coons CAN – Long Hard Rain

Charlie Kelley USA- I Didn’t

Corey Lee Barker USA – Christmas Is A State Of Heart

Corey Pearson USA – Christmas Is A State Of Heart

Clint Robin USA – Old Guys of Country

Colle’ Kharis GY – Life of Purpose

Dee Rock USA – Keep on Keepin On

Dick van Altena NL – No Winners In War

Dan Washburn CAN – Longing For Ireland

Dan Washburn CAN – This Glass Is Heavy

Dan Washburn CAN – Out of the Blue

Darrell Wallace USA – Praying For You

Daryn Wright USA – Hurt By The Best

David Michael USA – About To Go Down

David Michael USA – Campsite

Dale Houston USA – Carolina

Dennis Di Chiaro USA – Day Dreaming of You

Dermot O Hara IRL – Sunday Morning Coming Down

Donny Richmond USA – There Is An Answer

David Walker USA – There Is An Answer

Doug Figgs USA – Ten Below Zero

Ed Earl USA – Forget Yesterday

Eddie Gallagher IRL – Friendship

Elvis L Carden USA – Air Force Boys

Ernest Ray Everett USA /GER – The Way You Move Me

Fish & Scale Ger – You Can Call Me Love

Frank Howell USA – Christmas Is A State Of Heart

Frank Howell USA – Lovin On Christmas

Frank Howell USA – Wrap Me Up

Frank Howell USA – He’s My Healer

Frank Howell USA – Hooked On Jesus

Freddie Duran USA – New Mexico Midnights

Fritz Rach GER –

Gram Nicholas Phillips UK – Carolina Nights

Gregg Donley IRL – Dancing all Night long

Gundy Humphries IRL – It Belongs To Me

Glenn Levi AUS – Let ‘Em Know

Gary Allegretto USA – First Rodeo

Gary Matheny USA – He’s On A Trip

Gary Pratt USA – Country To The Bone

Gary R. Farmer USA – Limited Time Only

Gentry Brown USA – You and Me

Greg Tardy USA – Ex Wives

George Becker USA – Old Friend Old Memories

Gino B – Dreaming About You

Harry Kappen NL – Mysterious life

Hermann Lammers Meyer GER – Alley Of Shame

Jan Edwards USA – The God Part

Jan Edwards USA – This Glass Is Heavy

John Dooley IRL – Friendship

Joseph Wandass USA – Lovin On Christmas

Justine Blazer USA – Wrap Me Up

Jay Wagner GER – Such A Day

J K. Coltrain USA – Never Really Famous

Jackson Truluck USA – Carolina

James Reid UK – Lying

Jason Passmore USA – Blue Redneck

Jeremy Parsons USA – Burn This House Down

Jim Huddleston USA – I’ll Be Gone

Jim Kahr USA – That time of year

JJ McGuigan USA – Disconnected

John Dorsch CAN – You are the one

John Krondes USA – The End

John McDonough USA – Give Me One More Day To Say Goodbye

Johnny Westwood UK – When I Climb These Stairs To Heaven

Jon K.T USA – Shattered

Justin Standley AUS – The Very Best In Me

John Blangero USA – Beneath The Southern Sun

Jay Blue Jay Jourden USA – We Need To Know

Jan Hansen FIN – It can happen To You

JD Walker USA – Your Knees to the Floor

Jon Philbert UK – Three Jobs Two Kids No Money

John Mckeever UK – I Ain’t Going Nowhere

Jeff Orson CAN – Magic Moonshine

Kayden Gordon USA – Achieving Is Succeeding

Keith Brooks USA – Just Because Im Country

Kevin Palmer USA – Smoking Gun

Kelvin Wood UK – Tommys Rock And Roll Band

Kenny Holliday USA – Bad Boy Now

Kerr Donnelly UK – I Just Forgot


Kevin Gullickson USA – Cast Out Your Light

Kevin Mahoney USA – Playing With Fire

Larry Van Fleet USA – Sixteen-Roses

Levi Coby USA – Southern Girl

Lloyd Back AUS – The Voice

Lorenzo Gabanizza I – Father

Luke Spain CAN – Puppet Boy

Lonnie Spiker USA – Behind the Clown

Marty Dodson USA -Bail Money

Marian Filip RO – Burning

Matt Lee USA – Somewhere in the Country

Matthew Snare USA – On the Farm

Mc Kinley Moore USA – Still Worth It

Michael Botte USA- Here We Go

Mike Allen USA – A Reason To Drink

Mike Allen USA – Eye Of The Storm

Mike Allen USA – Barroom Hell

Mike Hughes USA – Nobody Writes A Country Song

Mikey David USA – Burning Bridges

Maurice Ferris IRL – Jingle Rock

Michael Blaymore USA – Because Your Mine

Michael Hoback USA – Give Me A Reason

Peter Wagner Ger – Confusion

Paul Jackson UK – If You Want It

Paul Gantley IRL – Fellow Man

Pete Miller USA – I Wrote Hannah A Letter

Pete Price USA – Let It Go

Richard Alex S – Brother

Richard Lynch USA – Thankful, Grateful And Blessed

Ronald Banckaert USA – Broken Holidays

Rick Revel USA – Sweet Sothern Lady

Rollin Jewett USA – I Ain’t Workin’ On Christmas

Ron Christopher USA – Drowning Man

Robert Fantel USA – Party

Stephen Battey USA – Bail Money

Scott Blackmon USA – Nashville Lights

Scott Sharp USA – Gee Whizz It’s You

Steve Moore USA – Forbidden

Scotty Sky CAN – The love In Me

Shaun Tobar UK – Me & You

Big Bruno USA – Default Project

Sobak USA – Like Heaven’s Wings

Tomas Jackman IRL – Longing For Ireland

Thomas Libreri Aus – In the Neck

Todd Collins USA – There Is An Answer

Tommy Eubanks USA – Because Your Mine

Tim Tye USA – Long Way Back To Town

T Jae Christian USA – Sang For King

Tanner Dawson USA – The Man You Make Me

Terry Crabtree USA – I Need A Song

Terry Kozachenko CAN – Blues Every Night

Terry Lee Bolton USA – Hold On

Tom Davis USA – The Game

Trey Calloway USA – That’s The Way

Wally Bartfay CAN – Ball And Chain