If you want to participate in the International Red Carpet Award Show nominations for 2023, then you should read everything on this page very well!
After you checked this page you can send a bio and a few pictures and 5 songs, and, or a video, or your music, or your web page to our nomination management! Please do this in one go, through we transfer, it is easy and free of charge and can send very large files and above all, we have all your nomination contributions in an entire package, which saves us a lot of work!
Please send what we asked for, to Diana, she can be reached under the email

( only apply to this email above please)

If you have any question, you can include it into the email to Diana!

Nomination is possible until 31st of December 2022!

We need from you……
A few Images
A few images, only as a vertical picture – your image should be in perfect resolution and at least 300 dpi! Please do not send distorted, or pixilated pictures, or bad choice images, on which the background shows a trash can, or a kitchen, or whatever! In case show images made in nature, so you can do little wrong, e.g. in flower fields, or grain fields, or in the mountains etc … Be creative, because it could happen, that one of your pictures will be used, to be on a real glass award, in case you should win! This is all about your professional presence in and during an award show and therefore it all has to look extraordinary!
(If you do not have perfect pictures, ask someone to help you to make some pictures. Most of the mobile phones can take excellent pictures, This is not a problem at all, only make sure, that they are made in a vertical position.)

No pixilated!”

Not blurred!!

High Resolution!!!

A Biography
We need a good biography, because it is so important to have a biography, it reflects your life and therefore it should be about you and not about what you were nominated for, or what kind of awards you got! NO discography and a little bit more as just one sentence!
(If you cannot write a biography, no problem, ask someone to help you)
Your biography only in text document, or pdf! NO pictures of a bio!

Your Music
Your music should be in MP 3 and please make sure that there are no disturbing noises, because that could cost you to win an award. Please no karaoke !!! Only 5 songs are allowed in total, so chose your genres wisely. If someone else has a duet with you and is also in the nomination circle, that is no problem, it does not count in the 5 songs that you chose for nomination. Of course in case of win, you are also a winner! This also applies to all collaborations! Only the songs are restricted to 5 songs!
Your Video
Your video should be in MP 4 and of good quality, no pixilated recordings, or not just pictures and music. We understand that not everyone can record a professional video, that is not necessary, because you can also make a wonderful video with just a mobile phone in these days! Do what you can to make it to an adventure, make it exciting and interesting!! Only 1 video is allowed for each artist! The video has to be only in horizontal and includes horizontal material, no vertical allowed to be included, because we have to show it as a film on a tv!

Your website
If you send us a link to your website, please ensure that it is also visible, or works, because the jury does not have time and shouldn’t have to search for it. If you participate as a company, there should be a certain way of professionalism. If you have a logo, please include it too!

Important to Know!
The Awards!
All awards are paid by us, as long as we have no sponsors. All awards are made of high quality Jade Glass and in heavy quality with a picture of the winner included!
With the submission of your music, videos, biographies and pictures you give us the authorization to use them as part of the Award Show and the associated advertising measures (PR)!
That also includes the work of our webmaster, who is also a DJ in Belgium and he would play your music in just country and also in all genres, because he has two different radio programs!
We pay the awards, but we cannot also pay the shipping costs and therefore the winners has to pay them themselves.
Exception in shipping the awards!
Since we know that there are also artists, who are living under poor conditions and they cannot pay for the shipping costs, we have launched a Godfather and Godmother program, who will cover the shipping costs for a colleague in such a case. Of course, this is treated discreetly, so that nobody except the artist, the Godfather, or the Godmother, or we know!

To be a Nominee!
Every artist can also nominate himself, because it doesn’t matter at all, because only the jury decides who will get through the preliminary round, or will be a winner!

Our Board of Jury Member!
We have two different teams, Team 1 judges the invisible part and Team 2 the visible part!
Team 1
consists of a professional jury worldwide, who work Full Time in their job, for example as a producer, manager, label, or studio, they are support by jury members from the music industry, who are musicians, or songwriter or artists!
Team 1 only gets the music in encrypted form, i.e. with just a code, no name, no photo, no country, so no information at all, just the music!

Team 2
consists only of a professional jury worldwide, who work Full Time in their job, for example as a producer, manager, label, or studio! They can see the visible part, such as those of videos, live appearances, pictures of photographers etc.

All Jury Members!!!
All jury members, except the professional jury, can also be nominated, because they cannot nominate themselves, it is impossible, attention is paid to this. All jury members have been checked for their trustworthiness! Jury members are not allowed to judge friends, nor family, or their own artists!
We accept and implement everything the jury decides!

Das Voting System!
Our voting system goes as follows, the jury receives an access code to a website that is only for the jury.
There they find all the encrypted music and next to it a box of different numbers from 0 – 10.
The awarding of the points is from 1 – 10 and recently from 9 with a comma, so that we can better determine the winners, through the smallest details.
Section 0 only applies to jury members who are also nominee, they use the number 0, for themselves, or family or friends, or if it is their own artist!

ALL Genres