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29 berichten.
Wolfe Milestone Wolfe Milestone uit Brampton , Ontario CANADA schreef op februari 24, 2024 om 3:10 pm
HEEHAW'S & YIPPIE YAHOO'S , Thank you Gaby & Peter for your support and Friendships over the last few years & playing my songs for all your LOYAL Listeners to ENJOY …
TONE TRAVELERS TONE TRAVELERS uit Thank you for your support schreef op januari 21, 2024 om 7:18 pm
Love this site so glad to be a part
Kathryn Adams Kathryn Adams uit Statesboro, Georgia 30458 schreef op januari 12, 2024 om 4:48 pm
Hi Gaby and Peter, I am thrilled at all you do! God bless you this new year! I so enjoyed meeting You in Nashville back in like 2015 at the Josie Music Awards thanks for your nominations of my music and for having me as a judge! I love being part of the Fair Play Magazine family . Thanks for featuring me in your magazines you've been a blessing to me and pray for continued friendship thank you! Love Kathryn Adams
Bobby G. Rice Bobby G. Rice uit United States schreef op september 8, 2021 om 8:25 pm
Thanks Gaby and Peter for all you do in helping the Artist/Music industry worldwide get the recognition they deserve! Bobby G. Rice
Ivonne Edelbauer-Ebersbach Ivonne Edelbauer-Ebersbach schreef op september 1, 2021 om 9:29 am
Ihr lieben Menschen, mit diesem Award wurde ich total überrascht. Danke – ist eigentlich ein einfaches Wort und dennoch bereitet es mir Freude wenn ich es ausspreche. Mit dem Wort "Danke" möchte ich euch, vor allem aber Gaby und Peter zeigen, dass ich alles, was ihr für uns getan habt zu schätzen weiss und froh darüber bin.
Carol Chaney Carol Chaney uit Australia schreef op augustus 28, 2021 om 6:30 pm
Huge thank you to a wonderful couple, Gaby and Peter, for all their hard work and dedication in helping Independent Artists from around the World. Fair Play is just what they do. The Red Carpet Awards Show is testament to that. Cheers Carol
Jane Shields Jane Shields uit UK schreef op augustus 26, 2021 om 3:19 pm
I would like to thank the awards team for all their hard work, and also for displaying my magazine Country 1music Express on your website. If there is anything I can do to help promote your awards please let me know. It's such a pleasure to work with you all.
Taylor Marie Wagner Taylor Marie Wagner uit Nashville, TN schreef op augustus 26, 2021 om 12:39 am
Fair Play Country music is exactly what it says it is fair! Gabby and Peter go above and beyond to help artist and I am extremely grateful. They are such nice folks and I am blessed to know them. There award show last year was awesome and I know this years will be as well. I can’t wait to tune in and see.
Nancy Bayaua Nancy Bayaua uit Edmonton Canada schreef op augustus 25, 2021 om 6:29 pm
Congrats in advance, Fairplaycountrymusic 💗 I’m very thankful to Ms. Gaby and company for giving a chance to my kids Thea & Ferdy Bayaua, to be one of the nominees this year 2021 with their original songs. It’s their first to join the international, and we will treasure this forever. Thea&Ferdy and our whole family and friends from the Philippines and Canada are all very happy and excited. Whatever the results are okay and we’ll be happy because for us to be nominated is already winners. Thank you very much! God bless us all.
HunTer HunTer uit South Afr schreef op augustus 24, 2021 om 10:24 pm
Amazing awards,fabulous people Peiter and Gaby as well as your team and Judges Thank you for giving us musicians hope in the world when there is very little. Most important of all is how Fair your music awards are, the standards set are excellent as well. Thank you once again, thank you for uniting people in the world through music where a nasty nightmare pandemic has tried to create division Music is unbreakable as long as we keep the heartbeat of music alive together
Scott Daniel Sharp Scott Daniel Sharp uit United States schreef op augustus 24, 2021 om 8:23 pm
Thank you for all your support for indy country artists from around the world.
Florence Geiss Red Head Chickd Florence Geiss Red Head Chickd uit Modautal Hessen Germany schreef op augustus 24, 2021 om 8:21 pm
Sehr schön, eure neue Website, gefällt mir sehr gut. Ich wundere mich immer wieder, wie ihr das Alles schafft. Und ihr habt immer neue Ideen um Vieles noch zu verbessern. Ihr habt meinen vollen Respekt. Auch wenn mal was nicht so läuft, ihr findet eine Lösung. Macht weiter so, die Welt braucht mehr Menschen wie euch.
Aly Cook Aly Cook uit New Zealand schreef op augustus 24, 2021 om 8:14 pm
So grateful I got to gig in Germany with Fair Play country . Thanks for all you do and stay safe in this crazy world xxx
C.C.Tennissen C.C.Tennissen uit Thailand schreef op augustus 18, 2021 om 4:32 pm
Beautiful page for beautiful people. Wishing you all the best with love from Thailand. Thank you for all you do for the Indie Musicians to get us recognized in the main industry. Gaby and Peter Agrikola, you rock, and I am proud to be part of the Fair Play Country Music Family 2 years in a row. Love you guys… Brightest Blessings… C.C.Tennissen 🌹
cathi allen cathi allen schreef op augustus 18, 2021 om 3:51 pm
Thank you Gaby & Peter For all you do for the music industry & indie artist.
Mike Allen Mike Allen uit USA schreef op augustus 18, 2021 om 1:36 pm
Great new website! Glad to have worked with you these last few years and hopefully many ore to come. Gaby and Peter are always there to help the artists!
Cowboy-Lone Cowboy-Lone uit Nomination schreef op augustus 18, 2021 om 1:31 pm
I would like to say thanks to Peter and Gaby for the wonderful work you’re doing for all singer and Song Writer and radio station and for all people there doing work in the music industry. I wish them healthy and happiness in their life. Thank you again and God bless you and I hope I see you someday. From cowboy-Lone
Colleen Clarke Short Colleen Clarke Short uit Ashland Kentucky USA schreef op augustus 18, 2021 om 1:13 pm
Thank you Peter and Gaby for the wonderful job that you guys are doing for Independent Artist like my daughter Zoë Leunissen. We are very excited for 2021 show! Hopefully next year we can all be there in person! 💕
Dennis DiChiaro Dennis DiChiaro schreef op augustus 18, 2021 om 11:43 am
Fair Play Country Music Awards August 28th!
Ryan Anderson Ryan Anderson schreef op augustus 18, 2021 om 11:06 am
You guys do such an unreal job. Thank you for all your hard work and for all the Love and support you show every artist around the globe it means the world to us. Ryan Anderson!!