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Sammy Sadler Sammy Sadler uit USA schreef op september 28, 2023 om 1:16 pm
Thank you so much for the award this year. I am so great full and humbled. Hope to meet you soon and come play on your awards show sometime. Many blessing to you Gabby and Peter.
Roland Nene aka Nene Rol Roland Nene aka Nene Rol uit Ivory Coast schreef op september 27, 2023 om 3:33 pm
We're looking forward to 2024 Awards Nomination
Darrell Wallace Darrell Wallace uit USA schreef op september 24, 2023 om 11:00 pm
We cannot put into words what a great time we had at these awards. We also met wonderful artists from all over the world who we now consider friends. We now look forward to next year. Thank you Gabby and Peter for such an exceptional event. Darrell and Tanya Wallace
Mary Hoey Mary Hoey uit Ireland schreef op september 24, 2023 om 9:49 pm
Gaby and Peter, I think what you do is simply incredible, the time, effort and dedication you both put into the awards show is something to be appreciated and admired by all artists around the globe...many congratulations on your endeavors.
William george William george uit Ireland schreef op september 24, 2023 om 3:08 pm
Peter & gaby do a phenomenal job in running these awards shows. I myself have been a nominee for the last two years and a winner last year. The amount of effort that goes into organising this from the very start to the end is astounding. A huge well done for everything you do for us artists. Onwards and upwards and continued success for the future with these amazing awards.
Carol Markstrom Carol Markstrom uit Tucson, Arizona schreef op september 24, 2023 om 2:59 pm
Dear Gaby and Peter, Thank you for a marvelous award show!  It was such an honor to attend and perform at it with the House Band.  I know you work tirelessly to make this event to be a success.  And it is a huge success!  There were great feelings of love and support between the musicians, and it was a wonderful opportunity to meet Facebook friends for the first time.  All of the performances were awesome.  Thank you for the opportunity to win an award which is now displayed in a special place in my home.  I look forward to attending in 2024!  Much love to both of you, Carol Markstrom
SB Mackhigh Stanton SB Mackhigh Stanton uit Canada schreef op september 22, 2023 om 1:07 pm
Hi Peter & Gaby! Thank you so much for all your hard work, dedication, perseverance & sacrifice of your personal time to enable the Red Carpet Awards to happen year after year. It is both a fair and professional award show ; anyone fortunate enough to win an award should be very proud to stand out on the world stage of Independent music!! Words are not enough to express the gratitude felt by all the Artists, that you do this show for us, we love you !!!
Manuela Schneider Manuela Schneider uit Laufenburg/Germany schreef op september 18, 2023 om 1:40 pm
Dear Gabi, dear Peter. Thank you for an amazing Red Carpet event this year. The theatre was wonderful and all the talents and great music made our days. I will never forget the jamming at the aftershow party. We met so many nice folks and talented people from all over the world. Unlimited great music and laughter and fun. Red Carpet was definitiv one of the best weekends I ever experienced. Thank you to the jury to select me for the best female film maker award. I am so honored. This weekend made my heart sing and my soul dance. Thank you so much!
David "Eli" Grimes David "Eli" Grimes schreef op september 17, 2023 om 10:23 pm
Hello Gaby and Peter, Just wanted to Stop in and Say Hi! Thank you for Caring about all the people just like me that one day dreams of their music touching hearts all over the world in ways words can not yet even describe! I am focusing on my songwriting in ways I have never done before! I already have had three of my songs placed in a Historic Museum! I am writing songs unlike any thing I have ever written! One of my songs that I wrote to help save Animal's Lives is already in three Humane Societies helping to save Animal's Lives! I still have the calendar you placed me on years ago. Thank you for Caring and thank you for Sharing! best of Luck! David "Eli" Grimes Murphy North Carolina USA
Lloyd Back Lloyd Back schreef op september 16, 2023 om 9:53 am
Hi Gaby and Peter, congratulations on a very successful FPCM awards show for 2023! Thank you also for all the work you put in, and for your support for independent artists from around the world. And congratulations also to all the artists!
Daniel Schilling Daniel Schilling uit Australia schreef op september 16, 2023 om 7:24 am
Peter and Gaby and all involved, you all did a excellent job and putting this all together. As a Photographer in such a small country town in New South Wales, it was such a honour and privilege to have won a Photography Award at these awards on such a big stage and event worldwide. I also tha k the judges as well as they would have had a massive job on there hands with so much talent entering each and every award.
Lori Hardman Lori Hardman uit USA - WASHINGTON schreef op september 16, 2023 om 4:34 am
I am so grateful to FPCM AWARDS. I am honored to win awards for "Amazing Voice" in 2020, "Best Bluegrass Original/Amazing Female Artist" in 2021 and walk the red carpet in Holland in 2023 winning "Most Impressive Song from Female of the Year"! It was the most beautifully organized red carpet event I've ever attended and I plan to make it a yearly trip. I love all the lifelong friendships I've made while in Holland and so blessed to be a part of FPCM family. ✨️
Manuel Träger Manuel Träger uit Deutschland schreef op september 15, 2023 om 9:04 pm
Thank you Gaby and Peter for a great Event and a great Evening. It was a pleasure to play for all those fantastic Artists from all over the world. I am proud to be member of the Allstar-Band and i thank Walter Kern for inviting me to this. I am really looking forward to next year to play for you again. Have a great time until we meet the next time. Manuel Träger Drummer of the Allstar-Band
Al Scott Al Scott uit CEO Elite 9 Records & Music Publishing schreef op september 15, 2023 om 8:05 pm
Sending heartfelt thanks to Gaby & Peter who pulled off an amazing & Classy Show for Indie Artists all over the world. Thanks for your unrelentless support of Independent Recording Artists. We are all one family of Artists & Labels moving forward together as an Army, with one purpose, the highest level of quality music ever! Hugs from the USA!
Cynthia Thijs Coenraad Cynthia Thijs Coenraad uit Hengelo schreef op september 15, 2023 om 5:29 pm
Gaby & Peter, Thanks for your incredible support for the Indie Artists ! 🙂 Let the music play ! All the good luck Cynthia
Kevin Gullickson Kevin Gullickson uit Radio Drive schreef op september 15, 2023 om 3:23 pm
Peter and Gaby: Thank you for all you do to recognize and honor indie musicians, artists and songwriters! Your time and hard work are appreciated by so many people around the world. You guys are awesome! Thank you! Kevin / Radio Drive
Alan Fox Alan Fox uit USA schreef op september 15, 2023 om 2:53 pm
So very outstanding! Sheila Clark Fox and I enjoyed the show greatly. We are already planning on attending 2024 Red Carpet Award Ceremony. Thank You Peter and Gaby! Y'all Rock!
Jeff Orson Jeff Orson uit Canada schreef op september 15, 2023 om 2:02 pm
Just a brief note of thanks to Gaby & Peter for all of the hard work they put in on behalf of artists from around the world with their FPCM awards show. So proud to have won and have been part of this process! Again many thanks PS Country Goin' On ( the song I won the award for) hit numnber 1 on the Canadian Country Countdown this morning!! Of course I posted to Facebook. Yee haa
Miss Freddye Miss Freddye uit United States schreef op september 15, 2023 om 6:30 am
Peter and Gaby, thank you for all of your hard work and the passion you have in what you do. Thank you for supporting the music we musicians do. I appreciate you! I look forward to meeting you in 2024!
Kerr Donnelly Kerr Donnelly uit Unites Kingdom schreef op september 15, 2023 om 3:15 am
Hi Gaby & Peter Thank you for your friendship and support over the years it really means alot to me and the boys Keep up the fantastic work you do Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to independent Original music Best wishes and love and thanks Kerr Kerr Donnelly Kerr Donnelly Band
Graeme and Lynne Hugo Graeme and Lynne Hugo uit Australia schreef op september 15, 2023 om 12:13 am
Thank you for you unconditional commitment to independent artists.
Keith Brooks Keith Brooks schreef op september 14, 2023 om 11:51 pm
An AWESOME and CLASSY awards show highlighting THE BEST of indie artists from around the globe. THANK YOU SO MUCH
Shredder Pinstripe Shredder Pinstripe uit Nashville Tennessee U.S.A. schreef op september 14, 2023 om 11:49 pm
Peter and Gaby ,thank you for everything you do for all of us from all over the world in the music industry, Shredder and family
LAN LAW LAN LAW uit United States schreef op september 14, 2023 om 11:15 pm
As independent artists and singers/songwriters we can not say enough great things about FCPM!! Gabby and her team who were involved in the planning and working on the Red Carpet Awards Show truly are the hardest working group of people I know! They honestly love the artists and they care about their future! We can not thank them enough and we are so honored to be the 2023 Shining Star Duo of the Year! We love you all!
Levi coby Levi coby uit Usa schreef op september 14, 2023 om 11:06 pm
Thank you so much all you do for us artists so honored to be nominated each year many blessings 🙌
Tessa and Thomas Libreri- Destiny Band Oz Tessa and Thomas Libreri- Destiny Band Oz uit Australia schreef op september 14, 2023 om 10:57 pm
We are so grateful for all the opportunities granted to independent singer-songwriters and performers such as ourselves by Gaby and Peter Agrikola and Fairplay Country Music Red Carpet Awards in Holland and for all the hard work and personal expense they invest to make I all happen! Just wonderful! Kindest regards, Tessa and Thomas Libreri Destiny Band Oz
Cheryl Nye Cheryl Nye schreef op september 14, 2023 om 10:21 pm
Hello Gaby & Peter, 🙂 Thank you for everything you do for Independent artists around the world! Your hard work and dedication to music is spectacular! I wish you and all these amazing artists, all the very best in continued happiness, health, and success!! 🙂 xoxoxo <3
Anders Bosell Anders Bosell schreef op september 14, 2023 om 10:20 pm
Hey there..i hope Gaby and her husband and all other people involved in this cool music event keep this up many years from now on...this music event is so inspiring for many peoples in this world...Best regards Anders Bosell
Kerrigan La-Brooy Kerrigan La-Brooy uit Australia schreef op september 14, 2023 om 10:12 pm
Thanks for everything Gaby and Pete - you are an exemplary couple and you both ROCK. I am so thrilled to be a winner at your awesome Fair Play Red Carpet Awards and I am even more thrilled to see my Darling Daughter Xondra do so well. Please know that your hard work and dedication don't go unnoticed or unappreciated. You're AMAZING!!! Lots of love always and God bless!! Bedankt voor alles Gaby en Pete - jullie zijn een voorbeeldig stel en jullie ROCKEN allebei. Ik ben zo blij om winnaar te zijn van jullie geweldige Fair Play Red Carpet Awards en ik ben nog blijer om te zien dat mijn lieve dochter Xondra het zo goed doet. Weet dat uw harde werk en toewijding niet onopgemerkt of niet gewaardeerd blijven. Je bent geweldig!!! Veel liefde altijd en God zegene!!
Graeme Clarke Graeme Clarke uit South Australia schreef op september 14, 2023 om 10:00 pm
As a 3 time nominee and a 2022 Award winner, I want to thank Peter and Gaby for their unbelievable dedication to the managment and production of the FPCM Red Carpet Awards. I really enjoyed the experience and am proud to have been associated with such a well managed and successful production. To my friends Peter and Gaby, I sincerely wish you all the best for the future and want you to know I am proud of having been a part of such a professional production.