Country Music – All Genre
Traditional Original Female
Larissa Tormey – IRL/RUS – Old Fashioned

Traditional Original Male
Noel Boland – IRL – Out Of My Mind

Traditional Original Duo
Chris Melanson/ Georgette Jones -CAN – Golden Ring

Traditional Cover Male
Brad Simmonds – CAN – She’s In Love With The Rodeo Man
Billy Payne – USA – When I Promised You The World
Lonnie Dale – USA – Mama Tried
Rick George – USA – Drinking and Dreaming
Terry Crabtree – USA – Living on Love

Traditional Cover Female
Kristyn Harris – USA – Cows Around

Traditional Cover Band/ Trio/ Duo
Two Lucky Minds NL & Sarah Jory UK – Don’t You Ever Get Tired

Modern Country Original Male
Donny Hammonds – USA – Slipped Away

Modern Country Original Female
Madelyn Victoria – USA – He Only Loves Me on the Dance Floor

Modern Country Original Band/Trio/Duo
MRP – NL – Better Broken /Band
Friends of Music – GER – Driving Home to Alice /Trio
Indy Van Spanje/ Victoria Eman – NL – Hawaii Aloha /Duo

Modern Country Cover Female
Sheila Clark – USA – Wagon Wheel

Country Rock Original Female
Michelle Leigh – USA – Blood Water

Country Rock Original Male
Rob Georg – GER – Won For Y’all
Gary Pratt – USA – Country to the Bone

Country Rock Original Band/Trio/Duo
Cage & Focx – USA – Tonky Honk Bounce

Country Rock Cover
Lorraine McCauley – IRL – Blanket On The Ground

Country Pop Original Female
Brooke Butler – USA – Till I Had You
Mikol Frachey – I – Untypical
Victoria Eman – NL – While I Cry

Country Pop Original Male
Jason Passmore – USA – This Time

Country Pop Cover Male/Female/ Duo
Brayden Ryle – USA – 7 Summers Ago /Male
Ginnie Terry – USA – Where Love Goes To Die /Fermale
Indy Van Spanje/ Victoria Eman – NL – Jealous Of The Angels / Duo

Bluegrass Original Female
Aly Cook – NZ – Message in a Cloud

Country Blues Original Male
Lorenzo Gabanizza – I – Feat. Jeff Christie – You’re Not There

Country Blues Cover
Kay Cook-Abbott – UK – Born To Sing
Scott Sharp – USA – Folsom Prison Blue

Country Voice of the Year Male – Original & Cover
Kenny Lee – USA
Richard Hesselink – NL

Country Voice of the Year Female – Original & Cover
Alyssa Ruffin – USA

Country Voice of the Year Band/Trio/Duo – Original & Cover
Sheila and the Caddo Kats -USA

Country Song of the Year Original Male
Travis Pickering – CAN – She Gets Me
Seth Reid – USA – Too Far Gone
Dan Washburn – CAN – What If
Ed Roman – CAN – Happiness

Country Song of the Year Original Female
Anna McRose – NL – Leave a light on
Aoife McDonagh – IRL – Go Down Swinging

Country Song of the Year Original Band/trio/Duo
The Southern Outlaws Band – USA – Louisiana Water /Band
Alan and Trace – AUS – Lying Next To You /Duo
Friends of Music – GER – Driving Home to Alice / Trio

Best Country Cover Song of the Year Female/Male
Brei Carter – USA – Kiss An Angel Good Morning
Mark Rich – NL – You Can Always Come Home

Most appriciated Country Artist of the Year Female
Carol Chaney – Aus
Victoria Eman – NL

Most appriciated Country Artist of the Year Male
Richard Lynch – USA
Ed Roman – CAN

Most appriciated Country Artist of the Year Band/Trio/Duo
The Frost Duo – USA/ Duo
Studeo – AUS/ Duo
Stephanie & the Wild Hearts – USA /Band

DL (Diff. Language) Country Music Original
Victoria Eman – NL – Bunch of Roses – Klaas Reinders – NL

All Genre in Music

ALL GENRE….. DL (Diff. Language) Original Music
Marian Filip – ROM – Noapte de Craciun
Thomas Libreri – AUS – Kuragg Kbir

Best Song of the Year/ All Genre Original  Male
Jeremy Parsons – USA – Good Ole Days

Best Song of the Year/ All Genre Original  Female
Rachel Walker Mason – USA – Endless Summer

Best Song of the Year/ All Genre Original  Band
Willie And The Goodsouls – FIN – Future

Best Cover Song All Genre and Language Male
Colin Clyne – UK – Within Hindsight
Best Cover Song All Genre and Language Female
Sheila Clark – USA – At Last

Best Cover Song All Genre Duo
Franz Lippert & Ramona Lippert GER – White Christmas

Best Voice All Genre Male – Original & Cover
Mark Rich – NL
Brad Simmonds – CAN
Doug Kistner -USA
Levi Coby – USA

Best Voice All Genre Female – Original & Cover
Lynn Campbell – IRL
Mary Culloty O’Suillivan – IRL
Annie Minogue – USA

Best Voice All Genre Band – Original & Cover
Margaret Dorn & The Accidentals – USA

Native American Style Original
Windwalker – USA – White Sky

Folk Original Female
Anne Biddie – IRL – Live Life To The Fullest
Carol Markstrom – USA – Miner’s Candle

Folk Original Male
Billy T Scrapper – USA – Call of the Song
Mark Eden – AUS – There’s No Time

Folk Cover Male
Lloyd Back – AUS – You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere

Folk Cover Female
Marian Curry – IRL – I Cry Every Time I Leave Ireland

Americana Original Male
Zack Landry – USA – Hold on

Americana Original Female
Anna Watkins Anawalt – USA – Merry Go Round

Americana Original Band
Willie And The Goodsouls – FIN – Future
Americana Cover Female
Kerry Fearon – IRL – Chase Wild Horses

Americana Cover Male
Jerry Kooyman – NL – Rocky Mountain High

Latin Music Original Female
Orsaya Herzinger Snijders – En Miss Recuersdos

Schlager Original
Stefanie Black – GER – Dieser Augenblick /Female
Jersey Baker Duo – NL – Mama Your Special To Me /Duo
Danny Everett – NL – Je danst altijd met een ander /Male

Deutsch Pop Original
Marrandro – GER – Sturmflügel /Duo

Pop Original Female
Hannyta – UK – Wildflower
Daffie Doc – F – Je Reve De Toi

Pop Original Male
Danny Everett – NL – Indo Dreams
Dimitris Nezis – GR – Jackpot

Pop Original Band/Trio/Duo
Jersey Baker Duo – NL – Adios My Darling / Duo
Pop & Rock Cover Male
Kevin Gullickson – USA – Thank You / Male
Jersey Baker Duo – NL – Lonely And So Blue /Duo

Pop Cover Female
Toni West – UK – When I Fall In Love

Rock Original Female
Ameri Shaye – USA – Rescue Me

Rock Original Male
Lightning Rod – USA – Kentucky Mojo

Rock Original Band
Robert Wagner and Little Wretches – USA – Ballad of Johnny Blowtorch

Rock And Roll / Rockabilly Original
Aaron Asbury – NL – Dance With Me
Donny Richmond – USA – The World Keeps Loving Elvis

Rock And Roll / Rockabilly Cover
Arno uit Ochten – NL – I’m left your right, she is gone

Easy Listening Original Female
Victoria Eman – NL – Letting Go
Bailey Perrie – AUS – Hand In Hand
Tessa Libreri – AUS – Missing You

Blues & Jazz Original
Dan Washburn – CAN – Super Power
Soulful Femme USA – Set You Free
Monique Sherrell Brown – USA – When I Say

Blues & Jazz Cover
Ramona Lippert – GER – What a difference a Day makes

R & B and Soul Original
Ali Jacko – UK – My Boy

Jazz Original
Mary Culloty O’Suillivan – IRL – Before you leave me

Collaboration in Music
Dawn Rix – USA – I Wanna Be Holding You – Billy Gaines USA

Tribute Act of the Year
Paul Anthony – CAN

Gospel/Christian Original Female
Tammy Renee – USA – Thank God For Grace

Gospel/Christian Original Male
Daryn Wright – USA – Before You Believe
Arthur Jae USA – In My Heart

Gospel/Christian Cover Female
Miss Freddye – USA – Something to Believe In

Gospel/Christian Cover Male
Kerrigan LaBrooy – AUS – Eye Of The Storm

Wedding Love Songs Original
Levi Coby – USA – Lucky One
Christa Fartek – A – Ave Maria Female

Hip Hop Original
NoCap Trae  – USA – Struggle is Real

Christmas Original Female
Dawn Rix – USA – Home With Him

Christmas Original Male
Lawrence Van Fleet – USA – Christmas in Miami
William George – IRL – Snow Angels

Christmas Original Duo
Destiny Band Oz – Christmas Time

Christmas Cover Female
Deby Kelley – USA – Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

Christmas Cover Male
Trisdon Federic – USA – Ho – Ho – Ho
Donny Richmond – USA – Heartbreak Holiday

The Golden Days Award Original
(60 upwards)
Rita Faye Tanner – USA – Mama I’LL Make You Proud

The Golden Days Award Cover
(60 upwards)
Graeme Clarke – AUS – Mona Lisa

Musical/Broadway Cover
Donna Cunningham – USA – Hopelessly Devoted to You

Instrumental Music Original
Lloyd Back – AUS – Wheatfields in the Moonlight
Andrea Cesone – I – Twang Tales

Most Appriciated Artist of the Year All Genre Female
Christa Fartek – A
Miss Freddye – USA

Most Appriciated Artist of the Year All Genre Male
Robert Fartek – A
Lightnin’ Rod – USA


Video of the Year Female
Becci Nethery – AUS – Can’t Just Kiss You

Video of the Year Male
Chase Stevens – CAN – Another Little Roadside Kiss

Most Impressive Video
Rollin Jewett – USA – What did you do in the war, daddy

Child and Youth
Junior Award
Lexus Hirst – NZ

Shining Star (ages 12- 24)Female
Anika Iris – SK
Indy van Spanje – NL

Shining Star (ages 12- 24)Male
Ross Molloy – IRL

Pop Youth
Bailey Perrie – AUS – Surely
Indy van Spanje – NL – Summer Winds

The Voice of Music
Composer of the Year
Lindsay Waddington – AUS – Cha Chi

Songwriter of the Year Female
Connie Cassell Tuck – USA
Kimberley Smoak – USA

Songwriter of the Year Male
Billy Payne – USA
Frank Howell – USA
Anthony Black – USA
Dennis Di Chiaro – USA

Musician of the Year Male
Les Fradkin – USA
Charlie McCoy – USA
Keith Brooks – USA

Musician of the Year Female
An Vedi – RUS
Liselotte Van Dooren – B

Entertainer of the Year Female
Ashley Puckett – USA

Entertainer of the Year Male
Dee Rock – USA

Radio Host/ DJ – Male
Mark Eckel – OZ Country Radio – AUS

Companies Professional or Hobby

Producer of the Year
Curt Ryle – USA – Matadors Recording

Record Company – Studio / Label of the Year
Donna Cunningham – USA – Big Bear Creek
Jay Elle – USA – Half Moon Recording and Publishing

Management Company of the Year
Michael Stover – USA – MTS Management

Promotion Company of the Year Professional
Al Scott – Elite 9 Records – USA

Promotion Company of the Year Hobby
Linda Arrico – Centeno – USA

Photographer of the Year
Ivonne Edelbauer – Ebersbach – GER
Jill Gibbons – UK
Special Awards
Lifetime Achievement
Studeo – AUS
Frank Howell – USA

Till Eternity Award
Terry Hogan – USA

Brave Heart Award
Augustin – GER

Fair Play Award
Buddy Eugene & Claudia – USA
CC Tennissen – THA
Phyllis Salter Gann – USA
Bob Marshall USA
Peggie Nora
Katrina Lynn USA
Taylor Marie Wagner USA
Wilfred Saulnier CAN
Wolfe Milestone CAN
Mike Allen USA
Tommy Lee Moffat – USA
Shawn Adam Williams
Anthony Baxter AUS

Humanity Award
Anna McRose – NL
Daryn Wright – USA